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Nucs, Packages, and Queens

We are now taking orders for 2021 - NUCS, PACKAGES, and QUEENS. 

Please Email  or Call 541-934-9101 with questions about ordering bees and to get on the list

Please let us know

  • your name,
  • phone number,
  • email,
  • the number of nucs, packages, or queens you would like, and
  • where you are located.

We do ship queens but we do not ship nucs or packages.

Pick up is available in Kimberly, Oregon.

We are are also planning 2021 Central Oregon pick up days in Redmond on May 15th, 22nd, and 29th, 7-10am.

Nucs and packages are available in mid to late May.  Earlier orders get priority of date selection when we start scheduling pick up dates at the beginning of May.


Queens $35 

Queens $35 (1-9), $30 (10-24), $28 (25 or more) 

Queens are available May-September.  Our queens are open mated in Kimberly and other John Day River location.  We do not ship if the forecasted temperature is above 95 F.


NUCS  $160

Our nucs are four deep frames of bees, brood, food, and a laying queen (raised by us) in a plastic nuc box.  The box fits five frames  We build our nucs as four drawn frames and one frame of foundation.  Often there are bees covering the frame of foundation, sometimes they start to draw it out, (it depends on the weather.) 

Packages $150

3+ lbs of bees and a caged mated queen (raised by us).  Available mid-late May.

How to Install a Package

 3lb package of bees




PAYMENT OPTIONS - We accept payment of Cash, Check, or Credit Card at pick up.  We can also email you a custom invoice with a link to payment options.

Visit our beekeeping blog for instructions on installing packages.  More topics coming soon including how to install a nuc and equipment to get you started!