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Nucs, Packages, and Queens

PAYMENT OPTIONS - We accept payment of Cash and Check at pick up. If you would like to use a credit card or paypal please give us a call (541-934-9101) or shoot us an email ( and we can email you a custom invoice with a link so you can pay ahead of time.  Thank you!

Visit our beekeeping blog for instructions on installing packages.  More topics coming soon including how to install a nuc and equipment to get you started!

We are now taking orders for NUCS, PACKAGES, and QUEENS for Spring 2019. As of April 1st, all orders are wait list.

QUEENS will be $35 this year

Please Call 541-934-9101 or Email to be placed on our list.  Let us know your name, phone number, email, and the number of nucs, packages, or queens you would like. 

We aim to have our nuc and package orders ready by mid-late May.  Timing of availability is dependent on how good our spring weather is for queen rearing.  We hope for some 70+ degree days by the end of April so our queens can get some mating flights in. 

As we have done in the past, we will be providing a central Oregon delivery with pick up dates of May 18th and May 25th, from 7-10am.  If it is a warm day please plan to arrive on the early side.  We are calling customers to schedule their pick up date, with priority given based on order date.  We are hoping to be able to fill many of our waitlist orders but we won't be able to confirm availability until the week of May 20th or later.


$140 (for orders placed before 3/31/19)

$150 (for orders placed 4/1/19 and after)

Our nucs are four deep frames of bees, brood, food, and a laying queen (raised by us) in a cardboard nuc box.  .


$140 (for orders placed before 3/31/19)

$150 (for orders placed 4/1/19 and after)

3+ lbs of bees and a caged mated queen (raised by us).  Available mid-late May.

How to Install a Package

 3lb package of bees



Queens $35

Queens are available May-September.  Our queens are open mated in Kimberly and other John Day River location.  Call 541-934-9101 to check availability, place an order, or pay via credit card.  Shipping available for Queens within Oregon only, USPS or UPS, call for details.