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The rate and texture of crystallization reflects the floral sources of the honey and the way it is treated during the harvesting process.  Some honey, like mustard or canola, crystalizes rapidly with rather course crystals.   In contrast, clover honey crystalizes much slower and with a finer texture.  Crystalized honey is not spoiled honey. 

Our honey is RAW and UNFILTERED. 

We do not heat our honey during processing.  This leaves the best flavors intact, as well as active enzymes.  We do run our honey through a course sieve in order to remove bits of wax and bee parts.  By not using fine filters, this ensures some small amount of pollen remains in the honey.   Raw and Unfiltered honey will crystalize faster than honey that has been heavily processed.  

Many people enjoy crystalized honey.  It does not drip and makes less mess.  It is easily spreadable. 

If your honey crystalizes and you wish to re-liquefy it, please do not place it in the microwave.  Instead, place your jar in a pot of simmering water.  This method will re-liquefy honey without overheating and spoiling its flavor.  Thank you.

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